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A Six-Week Audition Prep Course

Do auditions intimidate you?

Do you wonder what the judges are looking for?

With this six-week course, I’ll show you how to breeze through auditions with ease!

NYSSMA and All-State, Youth Orchestra, and Collegiate Auditions will all be covered.


This course is broken up into six one-hour private lessons.

Week One:


Let’s establish a baseline. The lesson will start with a mock audition, and we’ll begin work on the required fundamentals.

Week Two:

NYSSMA and All-State

We’ll talk about choosing appropriate solos based on your strengths, how to work with a pianist, and making those pesky scales sing!

Week Three:

College Auditions

How are these different than our All-State Auditions? What can we recycle from All-State for our college audition?

Week Four:

Ensemble Auditions

Playing orchestral excerpts can be quite different from playing our solos, especially if we’re behind a screen and blind to our audition panel! We’ll discuss how to deal with these unique challenges.

Week Five:

Mental Preparation

Auditions are a test of mental strength and focus just as much as they are about playing. I’ll give you plenty of strategies for getting rid of those day-of jitters.

Week Six:

Final Audition

One final recorded audition will show how far you’ve come during these six weeks. You'll be well on your way to becoming a confident flutist and musician!

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